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Create a conversation between your customers and your business. 

Using social media as a way to promote your business is relatively easy, effective and affordable.

Yet many companies don’t use it because they don’t have the necessary time, they don’t feel like

they have the expertise to do it correctly, or they haven’t been successful in a previous limited trial.

While it’s true that the power of social media is often misunderstood, so are expectations of what it can do. Social media is perfect for speaking directly to an audience while allowing them to communicate back. It’s a good vehicle for publishing information about a company, but it shouldn’t be treated as a portfolio. Rather, businesses need to look at their social media efforts as another channel to let people know about their company.


At Content & Creativity social media has been at the core of our business from the very beginning. We know that the job of social is to provide a platform to inform and entertain, establish a personality and proof of a company’s value, and engage an audience in unique and creative ways.


We offer a selection of social media packages from complete management programs to branded content-only. We also can provide consulting to individuals or organizations who need to learn how to do it on their own.

Find out more about what Content & Creativity can do to grow your audience online.

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79% of all online US adults use Facebook

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