Now, more than ever, every business must have a robust internet presence in order to compete. Whether this means a new or updated website, social media or email campaigns, reputation management, or a combination of them, businesses need to explore every available opportunity to reach their current and potential customers.


With decades of experience in marketing, graphic arts and copywriting, we have worked for businesses of every size in nearly every industry. Not only are we creative and highly skilled, but Content & Creativity also offers an unmatched level of customer service to our clients, becoming virtual partners in promoting their businesses.


Find out how we can create a digital presence for your company that reaches your target market. 

Rhonda and Sara are amazing on all things social media!! So glad to have them as my mentors, friends, and social media gurus!

Melissa S.



With well over 50 years of combined marketing experience, Rhonda and Sara Wenner have the talent and technical skills to promote your company and reach the largest number of your target audience. Creative content is their specialty, whether it’s graphic design, copywriting or explainer videos, and they have served countless businesses and professionals over the years. Their personalized service and expert branding will make your company stand out from the crowd.


Rhonda is a seasoned professional who started her career way before computers became a household necessity. She owned a full-service advertising agency in Philadelphia for over 20 years that offered nearly every type of traditional marketing communications to clients in just about any industry you can imagine. She also managed several companies, both online and offline. Rhonda channels her creativity into entertaining, gardening and decorating in her spare time. Her motto is, “A day without laughter is not worth getting out of bed for”.


As a millennial, Sara has the advantage of having been involved with social media since its inception. She’s the tech-savvy member of the partnership, and an early adopter of most internet trends. Sara has worked for large multi-national companies as well as small shops, in various positions. A gifted creative, Sara is an accomplished designer and writer who feels compelled to innovate regardless of what she does, whether as a partner at Content&Creativity, or enjoying her hobbies of cooking, crafting, fashion and makeup. Sara recently discovered that she loves traveling the world, and can’t wait to do more!


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